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7 Things That You Need To Know About Apple Stock

(AAPL) is the largest U.S. corporation in terms of market capitalization, and among the largest firms in the world when considering total revenue.

About Apple Inc.

The company designs, manufactures and markets consumer electronic devices. Apple also sells software, services, network applications, and third party apps for its products.

Apple’s main products include the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Apple devices are characterized by their detailed design, which gives them elegance, a unique sensual feeling, and high quality.

This approach was defined by its legendary CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple Stock History

Shares of Apple have been trading exceedingly well, making them a favorite choice among hedge funds. Its outstanding performance has been a mixture of technology wizardry, and financial engineering.

Apple has a history as a dividend payer. It paid dividends between 1987 and 1995, and reinstated dividend payouts in 2012.

Apple usually announces its yearly revenues in the month of October. In 2015, revenues amounted to US $233.72 bn or US $ 9.22 per share. These revenues represented a 27.86% increase from the previous year, and an average growth rate of +22.15%. Apple’s record earnings were the result of rising iPhone sales, increased market share, and big stock buybacks.

Dividends paid were US $ 1.98 apiece, that is an 8.79% increase over the previous year. The next earnings announcement is expected during the week of October 25, 2016.

Apple went public in 1980 and since then Apple stock split four times. Three times in a 2-for-1 split, in May 1987, February 2005 and June 2006. In 2014 Apple stock split in an unusual 7-to-1. This basically meant that each investor was given 6 shares for every share it owned. This Apple share split resulted in an increase from a total of 861 million Apple shares to about 6 billion shares.

Apple Stock Split Reasons

The reasons behind share splits are more psychological than technical. Share splits lower the price of shares by dividing the stock into smaller, less expensive units. This increases the number of total shares available, thereby creating excitement in investors who previously thought the stock was too expensive.

However, the market value of the firm and other fundamentals remain the same.

On June 6, 2014, prior to the split, Apple stock quote was at US $645.57. The following Monday, after the split, Apple stock quote was at US $92.70. A year later, in June 2015 Apple shares were priced at US $126.68, which is an increase of 35%. Without the split, the price would have been US $887 per share, making it the second most expensive share in the market.

Another reason for the 2014 split, could have been the inclusion of Apple stock in the Dow Jones index.

Apple Stock And Financial Indices

The Dow Jones index bases its selection on prices. Apple stock is a very attractive selection, because the company is a leader in consumer electronics, and therefore, of consumer behavior.

However, by being weighted according to price, the Dow Jones rarely considers stocks over US $300. Apple Stock, with a value of over US$ 600 per share would have been too big to incorporate.

In this manner, after the split of 2014, Apple stock price was included in the Dow index with a weight of 4.8%, effective March 19, 2015. Apple stock is also included in the S&P with a 4% weight, and in the Nasdaq Composite with a 9.7% weight.

Apple Stock Predictions

With dividends expected to grow and the price set to rise, the consensus recommendation amongst analysts is to buy Apple stock.

Third quarter 2016 revenues were US $42.36 bn, a value above the forecasted US $42.09 bn. However, they were 14.61% below the previous year’s third quarter results.

Current estimates place the share at a median of US $120.00, with a forecasted high of US $185.00 and a low of US $85.00. This represents an increase of more than 10% when compared to prices in September 2015.

Apple Stock Essential Applications

With the yearly earnings announcement expected at the end of this October 2016, excitement is mounting. Besides, knowing Apple stock price today, and following Apple stock news are time consuming tasks. And when excitement is at fever pitch, the chances of making an unintended data deletion are higher than normally.

Fortunately, there is an application in the market that solves the problem. It is named Disk Drill, and it is being used by more than 500,000 clients worldwide.

Disk Drill is a data recovering application by Cleverfiles that can be downloaded for free.

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Apple stock analysis: do lower iPhone sales threaten the AAPL performance?

iPhone sales have been steadily decreasing for the past three years. However, the last quarter showed a remarkable 21 per cent decrease, compared to the same period a year ago. Does it mean people don’t want to buy iPhones anymore? Not at all.

The thing is, the sales fell mostly because the cycle of phone upgrades has extended. It means that people just keep their iPhones longer than they used to.

The image below shows that people are just fine with their old models. While in 2017, the latest models counted for 19 per cent of all iPhones worldwide, in 2019 this percentage fell to 7.5 per cent. Besides, the most popular iPhone was still a three-year-old iPhone 7.

People become less motivated to change their old iPhone models to the latest one, unless there is some long-awaited and critical innovation, which will be worth them spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Will the announced Apple iPhone 12 with a superior 5G experience become a game changer? Yet to be seen.

Still, what we do know exactly right now is that Apple is still on top with the constantly growing rate of active devices globally. At the start of 2020 this number passed the1.5 billion mark.

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More active devices mean that more people use Apple services, which brought 23 per cent more profit than iPhone sales in the third quarter of 2020.

Apple stock predictions after the record-breaking fourth quarter earnings report

At the end of October 2020, Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2020 fourth quarter. The company shared an outstanding record of $64.7bn in revenue and $0.73 earnings per diluted share. This quarter, international sales accounted for 59 per cent of Apple’s revenue.

Commenting on the company’s successful quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “Apple capped off a fiscal year defined by innovation in the face of adversity with a September quarter record, led by all-time records for Mac and Services. Despite the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, Apple is in the midst of our most prolific product introduction period ever, and the early response to all our new products, led by our first 5G-enabled iPhone lineup, has been tremendously positive.”

Surprisingly, after the report was released, Apple shares plunged 5.6 per cent, despite the company’s earnings per share and overall sales exceeding Wall Street predictions. The plunge was caused mainly by a decline in iPhone sales, as consumers wait for the new iPhone models to become available.

Red day on Friday for Apple (Updated on September 17, 2021)

Sell candidate since 2021-09-14Loss -1.39%

The Apple stock price fell by -1.83% on the last day (Friday, 17th Sep 2021) from $148.79 to $146.06. and has now fallen 3 days in a row. During the day the stock fluctuated 2.10% from a day low at $145.76 to a day high of $148.82. The price has fallen in 6 of the last 10 days and is down by -4.94% for this period. Volume has increased on the last day by 57 million shares but on falling prices. This may be an early warning and the risk will be increased slightly over the next couple of days. In total, 125 million shares were bought and sold for approximately $18.28 billion.

Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to rise 11.52% during the next 3 months and, with a 90% probability hold a price between $162.89 and $177.06 at the end of this 3-month period.

Signals & Forecast

There are few to no technical positive signals at the moment. The Apple stock holds sell signals from both short and long-term moving averages giving a more negative forecast for the stock. On corrections up, there will be some resistance from the lines at $149.23 and $149.22. A break-up above any of these levels will issue buy signals. A sell signal was issued from a pivot top point on Tuesday, September 07, 2021, and so far it has fallen -6.78%. Further fall is indicated until a new bottom pivot has been found. Furthermore, there is currently a sell signal from the 3 months Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). Volume rose on falling prices yesterday. This may be an early warning and the stock should be followed more closely.

Support, Risk & Stop-loss

Apple finds support from accumulated volume at $145.86 and this level may hold a buying opportunity as an upwards reaction can be expected when the support is being tested.




This stock is usually traded at a good volume, and with minor daily changes, the risk is considered to be low. During the last day, the stock moved $3.06 (2.10%) between high and low. For the last week, the stock has had a daily average volatility of 2.00%.

Our recommended stop-loss:
We hold an negative evaluation for this stock. No stop-loss is set.

Is Apple Inc. stock A Buy?

The Apple stock holds several negative signals and despite the positive trend, we believe Apple will perform weakly in the next couple of days or weeks. Therefore, we hold a negative evaluation of this stock.

Current score:

Predicted Opening Price for Apple Inc. of Monday, September 20, 2021

The predicted opening price is based on yesterday’s movements between high, low, and the closing price.

Fair opening price September 20, 2021 Current price
$146.88 $146.06

Sell Candidate


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Analyst Ratings

On September 16, 2021 «JPMorgan Chase & Co.» gave «$180.00» rating for AAPL. The price target was set to $149.03+0.6%.

Volatility and Risk

Daily Average Volatility:
2.00 %

Overall Risk:
Very High
Very Low


2.00 %Daily Average Volatility

Overall Risk

Very HighHighMediumLowVery Low

Support & Resistance

Resistance: $148.12Price: $146.06Support: $145.86

Apple Watch 7 с увеличенным дисплеем, но в старом дизайне

● Рамки дисплея Apple Watch теперь на 40% тоньше.

● Увеличенный дисплей получил новые циферблаты и экранную QWERTY-клавиатуру.

● Гаджет назвали самыми прочными часами Apple. Новое прочное стекло должно лучше защищать гаджет от царапин.

● Часы получили обновленную быструю зарядку. Подробнее о её мощности и скорости пополнения заряда станет известно позднее.

● Вместе с анонсом Apple Watch заявили, что сервис Apple по подписке Fitness+ станет доступен в 15 новых странах. Россия в их числе.

При покупке новых Apple Watch вы получите бесплатный доступ к сервису на 3 месяца. Все остальные пользователи смогут использовать Fitness+ бесплатно всего 30 дней.

Старт продаж новых Apple Watch 7 намечен на осень нынешнего года. Точные даты пока неизвестны.

Пока известны только американские цены на Apple Watch Series 7 — от $399.

▸ Подробнее про Apple Watch 7

Цена акций Apple прямо сейчас – Живой График

На графике вы можете наблюдать котировки на акции Apple, историческую рыночную стоимость, а также настраивать вид ценовой линии, отрезок времени, и подключать индикаторы технического анализа.

Если сегодня вы хотите купить новый MacBook или iPhone, но у вас не хватает денег – купите акции Apple и заработайте на этом.

Данные о ценных бумагах

Карточка компании
Apple Inc. США Электроника, информационные технологии
Основание 1976 год
Штаб-квартира США: Купертино, Калифорния
Основатели Стив Джобс, Стив Возняк, Рональд Уэйн
Основная торговая площадка NASDAQ
Тикер AAPL
ISIN US0378331005
CUSIP 037833100
Количество акций в обращении 5 702 722 000 шт.
Номинал 0.00001 USD
Время торговли по МСК 16:30 – 23:00

Акции этой американской корпорации можно приобрести на бирже NASDAQ, где им присвоен тикер AAPL.

Первичное размещение бумаг было проведено в 1980 году. По мнению аналитиков, IPO Apple является одним из самых удачных размещений за всю историю фондового рынка США. Такой вывод можно сделать на основе того, что IPO позволило эмитенту привлечь от инвесторов больший объем средств, чем размещения других американских корпораций.

Кроме этого, бумаги американской компании можно купить и на европейских площадках, в частности, на:

  • Франкфуртской фондовой бирже
  • Швейцарской бирже
  • Берлинской фондовой бирже
  • Венской фондовой бирже
  • Мюнхенской фондовой бирже
  • Штутгартской фондовой бирже
  • Гамбургской фондовой бирже.

Как правило, ежедневный объем торгов по акциям эмитента, который фиксируется на европейских площадках – значительно меньше, чем величина дневного оборота на бирже NASDAQ. Иногда объем торгов на немецких площадках достигает 16% – 20% от величины ежедневного оборота на NASDAQ.

Бумаги эмитента включены в расчетную базу многих биржевых индексов. В частности, акции Apple используются при расчете таких индикаторов фондового рынка: S&P 500, Dow 30, S&P 100, Nasdaq, DJ Composite, Nasdaq 100, DJ US, S&P 500 Information Technology, NASDAQ Computer, а также многих других. Включение бумаг в расчетную базу известных биржевых индексов делает их привлекательным активом, как для индексных фондов, так и для других участников рынка коллективных инвестиций.

Инвесторы имеют возможность совершать сделки с акциями эмитента на площадке NASDAQ с 16:30 и до 23:00 по Московскому времени.

Дочерние структуры

Дочерние организации позволяют вести бизнес в разных странах или регионах мира, соблюдая местные законы и правила, а также делают возможным концентрировать средства и квалифицированных специалистов при создании новой техники и разработке уникального ПО.

Дочерними структурами Apple Inc. являются:

  • FileMaker Inc., специализирующаяся на разработке программного обеспечения, помогающего в управлении базами данных. В частности, компания создала такие приложения как FileMaker Pro и FileMaker Go
  • Anobit Technologies, Ltd., занимающаяся выпуском контроллеров для флэш-памяти
  • Beats by Dr. Dre или Beats Electronics, которая специализируется на производстве наушников и динамиков
  • Braeburn Capital Inc., занимающаяся управление активами
  • AuthenTec, Inc., специализирующаяся на выпуске полупроводниковой продукции, а также созданием нового ПО
  • Raycer, занимающаяся разработкой чипов и другой электронной продукции
  • Prismo Graphics, которая специализируется на создании видеоспецэффектов
  • FingerWorks, занимающаяся разработкой ПО и устройств, призванных улучшить распознавание жестов человека смартфонами, планшетами и ПК
  • SchemaSoft, известна своим набором приложений iWork и другим ПО, которое устанавливается на современные мобильные устройства.

К дочерним компаниям, продвигающим продукцию американской корпорации на рынках разных стран мира, в частности в Евросоюзе и в регионе Ближнего Востока относятся: Apple Germany и Israel.

Также дочерней организацией можно считать стартап Vrvana из Канады, специалисты которого активно ведут разработку гарнитур дополненной реальности. В частности, известна гарнитура Totem, в которой использованы технологии, относящиеся к дополненной и к виртуальной реальности. По мнению экспертов, информация о дочерних организациях может помочь определить факторы, оказывающие влияние на акции Apple в среднесрочной или долгосрочной перспективе.

Apple — мыльный пузырь?

Вызывающее поведение Apple в последние месяцы, как ни странно, явление вовсе не уникальное. Были прецеденты. У лучшего друга и врага Apple, Microsoft, что-то до боли похожее происходило в 2000 году. В конечном итоге все закончилось благополучно, но сначала стремительный взлет обернулся 13 годами кризисов и проблем. Были и другие подобные случаи, но у Apple и Microsoft настолько много общего, что экспертами делается абсолютно логичный вывод: Apple приходит конец. Добром такое не кончится.

Ярче всего мрачные перспективы были описаны в статье, опубликованной в конце июня. Котировки Apple были скромнее, чем сейчас, но уже беспокоили эксперта. Ровно два месяца назад, 24 июня 2020 года, на момент окончания торгов на бирже NASDAQ акция компании стоила 360,06 доллара.

Эта фраза звучит отовсюду и сегодня. Перспективы стали еще мрачней: 24 августа 2020 года, на момент закрытия торгов, курс акций Apple был 503,43 доллара. После открытия торгов курс акций Apple установил очередной исторический максимум – 515,14 доллара (в этот момент рыночная капитализация Apple составила 2,20 триллиона долларов, очередной рекорд), потом он резко упал (до 495,74 доллара). Пришло время ответить на вопрос: сколько стоила бы сегодня акция Apple Computer, купленная в декабре 1980 года?

An unsentimental market

Not until the launch of the iMac in 1998, a personal computer with a striking design, did the Apple we know today really start to take shape. Three years later came the iPod personal music player and in 2007 the iPhone revolutionised both mobile communications and the art of marketing, given Apple seemed able to persuade its customers to update their smartphones, sometimes every single year, despite the fact that their existing model worked perfectly well.

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With the possible exception of the iTunes music retailer (whose launch re-opened the question of possible copyright conflict with The Beatles’ record label Apple, since amicably resolved) it is arguable that none of Apple’s innovations has had the impact of the iPhone. Smart watches and a television subscription service have their fans but are hardly life-changing.

This, however, may be to Apple’s benefit, at least in terms of potential legal or regulatory action by anti-monopoly agencies. It would be hard to claim that Apple has a monopoly on smartphones or computers, or anything else.

It should certainly put the company in a stronger position than some of the other tech giants, such as Amazon or Google. But this has not prevented regulators expressing  an interest in Apple’s practices.

The European Commission has launched two inquiries into Apple. One relates to allegations that Apple restricts installation of apps on various devices to those it supplies itself, and the second concerns claims that its payment system Apple Pay employs restrictive practices.

Both sets of allegations are denied.

There have also been rumblings from lawmakers in Washington about “anti-trust concerns” regarding Apple. It may well be the company’s best course of action to state that Apple has a monopoly only over its own products and services, as does an artisan baker or a dressmaker.

Сколько стоят акции Apple

Близкий к максимуму курс акций Apple

На момент начала продаж, акции предлагались по 22 доллара за штуку. 22 доллара 1980 года – это 69,18 долларов 2020 года.

Текущие 503,43 доллара превратились бы в 125,86 доллара. Но это непростой процесс (по-честному все всегда делается долго), и закончится он только 31 августа. Это пятый сплит в истории Apple, в результате предыдущих четырех сплитов одной акции 1980 года соответствуют 56 акций 2020 года. 56 акций по 503,43 доллара – это 28 192,08 доллара. Рост в 1282 раза. Утром 24 августа, когда курс акций был 515,14, этот показатель был еще круче: курс акций на тот момент был в 1311,27 раза большим, чем утром 12 декабря 40 лет назад.

Сейчас компаний чья рыночная капитализация превышает триллион долларов, как и прежде, четыре. На первом месте Apple, с капитализацией в 2,15 триллиона долларов. На втором Amazon, у неё 1,66 триллиона долларов. На третьем – Microsoft, с капитализацией в 1,62 триллиона. Google (в смысле, Alphabet) – на четвертом, её рыночная почти в два раза меньше чем у Apple: 1,08 триллиона долларов. Вместе крупнейшие IT-компании мира стоят 6,51 триллиона долларов. Просто космос.

Apple stock forecast 2021: is Apple a good stock to buy?

Apple is so big that it is hard to believe in a big breakout for a stock that takes a lot to move the needle. However, this is exactly what may happen in 2021.

According to the latest Apple share price forecast by Luke Lango, InvestorPlace markets analyst, Apple is moving towards record-breaking earnings in 2021, which will result in a huge rally for the AAPL stock.

What are the major implications?

  • Hardware business boom, triggered by the biggest iPhone launch in a decade. The first day of 5G iPhone preorders registered two million units, which is 100 per cent up from last year. The increasing work-from-home, learn-from-home trends also bode well for selling more Macs and iPads.

  • Software services boom. A new Apple One bundle can be a successful all-in-one subscription service package. A bundle, including Apple Music and Apple TV+, will cause a surge in TV viewers and further sign-ups. Another popular service is Apple Fitness+, which satisfies the growing demand for high-quality workout-from-home videos.

If you share this super-optimistic Apple shares forecast, you could consider buying the dip in late 2020, caused by election uncertainty and Covid-19 headwinds.

“Volkswagen of personal computers”

To understand why, we need to establish that Apple’s rapid share-price growth since the turn of the Millennium is intimately linked to the fact that today’s Apple is a very different company from the one whose shares were floated 40 years ago, and one operating in a consumer landscape that has changed out of all recognition.

When the company was founded in 1977, personal computers were seen as little more than a hobby, rather as were crystal sets in the early days of radio. Governments, banks and major corporations may employ huge mainframe machines, but personal computers were seen mainly as devices on which video games could be played.

Apple was at this time solely a computer company; the notion that it would one day be involved in a wide range of consumer electronics would have been considered fanciful. Writing in Bit by Bit, his illustrated history of computers published in 1984, Stan Augarten recalled: “Introduced in 1977, the Apple II proved to be the Volkswagen of personal computers. It sold for only $1,195.”

Early models look hopelessly clunky by modern standards, but when introduced to offices still dominated by typewriters and carbon paper, they were revolutionary.

Volkswagen or not, Apple faced stiff competition in the Eighties and Nineties, and its reputation for low prices did not last – quite the opposite. With the departure and then return of co-founder Steve Jobs, the company’s problems were well publicised.

iPhone 13 Pro и iPhone 13 Pro Max с огромными линзами камер и дисплеем 120 Гц

Последней новинкой на презентации стала новая профессиональная линейка смартфонов Apple – iPhone 13 Pro.

● Новым цветом в линейке iPhone 13 Pro стал голубой, официальное название Sierra Blue.

● Будут доступны четыре расцветки: черная, белая, золотая и голубая.

● Впервые линейка iPhone Pro получила более мощный процессор, чем обычные iPhone того же года выпуска. В нем будет пять ядер вместо четырех у более доступных iPhone 13.

● Благодаря наличию дополнительного ядра мощность графических вычислений станет на 50% выше.

● Яркость матрицы составляет поразительный 1000 нит.

● Самым ожидаемым изменением в iPhone 13 Pro стал дисплей с частотой 120 Гц.

● В зависимость от сценария использования, частота дисплея будет меняться. Так, например, во время чтения она может составить 10 Гц, при работе с системой привычные 60 Гц, а в играх – повысится до 120 Гц.

● Обновили все три модуля камер. Основной модуль теперь захватывает на 92% больше света.

● Новый “телевик” позволяет делать оптическое приближение картинки до 3x.

● В iPhone 13 Pro появился режим макро-съемки.

● iPhone 13 Pro стал первым смартфоном, который научился снимать видео в формате ProRes. Функция съемки несжатого видео появится позже в этом году.

● Автономность iPhone 13 будет работать на 1.5 часа дольше предшественника, а iPhone 13 Pro – на 2.5 часа дольше.

● Максимальный объем памяти iPhone 13 Pro теперь составляет 1ТБ.

Предзаказ на новые модели стартует 22 сентября. Старт продаж уже с 24 сентября.

Цены на iPhone 13 Pro стартуют от 99 990 pyб. за модель с накопителем 128 ГБ и доходят до 149 990 pyб за модели с накопителем 1ТБ.

Цены на iPhone 13 Pro Max стартуют от 109 990 pyб. за модель с накопителем 128 ГБ и доходят до 159 990 руб. за модели с накопителем 1ТБ.

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AAPL stock forecast: will the Apple share price go up?

As we move forward to the middle of November, shares of the iconic iPhone maker are trading at $117.13, which is 15 per cent down from its peak of $137.98 at the beginning of September.

The two-month bearish trend follows the big news about Apple becoming the first US company to surpass $2tr in market capitalisation in August.

During the hectic election week, AAPL stock surged from $107.3 to $119 in four days. Apple shares found strong support at the $100 level, and there is a view that Apple will climb up to $120 in the coming weeks. If the price surges above this level, this may serve as a clear buy signal as the stock will be able to move up to $130.

Otherwise, if the price goes below $100, this should be considered as a sell signal, with the price potentially going down to $90.

Looking forward to the Apple share price prediction, we can see that 36 analysts, surveyed by CNN Money, offer the median price target for Apple stock at $133 within the next 12 months, which represents almost 15 per cent growth from its previous closing price of $115.

The highest analysts’ target for Apple stock projections is $150 and the lowest one is $74.10. Still, 39 analysts sharing their consensus rating for AAPL stock in 2021 agree that it is a buy.

Another analytical service, Walletinvestor is also bullish about the Apple share price forecast in 2021. It gives a $139 median price target for the next 12 months, considering Apple a good long-term investment. According to its Apple stock outlook, the stock’s price will rise to $233 during a five-year period.

Creativity and dynamism

Sometimes the cause was a change in the regulatory climate or an anti-monopoly action to break up the business concerned. Sometimes it was a technological change. On occasion, the business was brought down by a general economic crisis.

Anyone who bought a substantial amount of Apple stock in their early 20s 40 years ago would be contemplating a comfortable retirement now. Floated in 1980, the shares traded at $0.16 in December of that year.

Contrary to some subsequent accounts, the shares did not really take off until the mid-2000s. In December 2004 they traded at $1.16, by December 31, 2010 they changed hands at $11.52 and by December 22, 2020 they were worth $131.88.

So the Apple stock price has risen more than elevenfold during the past 10 years. Is the same performance likely in 10 years’ time?

The short answer is – probably not. Regardless of any high opinion you may have of Apple’s creativity and dynamism, turning in that sort of share price growth is almost certainly beyond even the company’s collective genius.