CoinPayments Fees

CoinPayments claims to be the cheapest service for crypto payments in the world. Here is their fee break-up:

Incoming Payments – To Balance (funds go to CoinPayments Wallet) 0.50%
Incoming Payments – ASAP/Nightly (funds are forwarded to external address) 0.50% + coin TX fee
Commercial Deposits (Callback Addresses created with our API) 0.50%

Apart from that, they charge a service fee for their wallet as per the chart below.

Personal Deposits (Addresses made on your wallet’s page or Deposit Addresses  on our API) First 30,000 USD equivalent monthly: FREEAfter that: 0.50%
Conversions coin TX fee + conversion partner’s fees (if any)
Withdrawals coin TX fee

Note: TX is the transaction fee.

CoinPayments Controversy Over Hacked Ripple

CoinPayments in year (June 2017) lost a significant amount of user’s Ripple (XRP) from their hot wallet.

As per the company, there was a bug in their hot wallet which the other users of CoinPayments exploited to siphon away all the XRPs.

It is worth highlighting the fact that the company did the right thing by accepting their mistake and then went to work on their recovery process to refund all the affected users.

Here is a statement after they successfully refunded all the affected users and strengthened their security.

Get Transaction List

Get a list of transaction ids.

interface CoinpaymentsGetTxListOpts {
  limit?: string
  start?: string
  newer?: string
  all?: string
await client.getTxList(options: CoinpaymentsGetTxListOpts)

Example response from server

Each element in the array represents a

CoinPayments Fees

CoinPayments says they are the cheapest crypto-payment service in the world. Nearly all incoming payments and deposits are subject to a fee of only 0.5%. The ASAP/Nightly service forwards funds to an external address and is also subject to the usual coin transaction fee.

In addition to that, there are wallet fees for some services. Conversions carry the coin transaction fee and any partner fees. Withdrawals are subject to the coin transaction fee. And deposits to the wallet are free up to $15,000 equivalent value monthly, with amounts above that subject to the 0.5% fee.

Note ️: CoinPayments will subsidize withdrawal fees at a flat rate of 0.00040000 instead of the full TX fee (only applies to withdrawals).

The CoinPayments fees are actually quite impressive. For example, if we were to take a look at BitPay, their biggest competitor, they charge a 1% processing fee. It is is also worth noting that BitPay only accepts Bitcoin compared to the plethora of coins on offer at CoinPayments.

Get Transaction Multi

Get multiple transaction status.

type CoinpaymentsGetTxMultiOpts = string;

await client.getTxMulti(txn_id_array: CoinpaymentsGetTxMultiOpts)

txn_id_array — Array of transaction ids.

Example response from server

  "error": "ok",
  "amount": "1.21825881",
  "txn_id": "d17a8ee84b1de669bdd0f15b38f20a7e9781d569d20c096e49983ad9ad40ce4c",
  "address": "PVS1Xo3xCU2MyXHadU2EbhFZCbnyjZHBjx",
  "confirms_needed": "5",
  "timeout": 5400,
  "checkout_url": "
  "status_url": "
  "qrcode_url": "

Преимущества и особенности кошелька Coin Payments


Create Withdrawal

Makes a withdrawal of funds from server to a determined wallet address.

export interface CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalBaseOpts {
  amount: number
  add_tx_fee?: number
  currency: string
  currency2?: string
  dest_tag?: string
  ipn_url?: string
  auto_confirm?: number
  note?: string

export interface CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalMerchantOpts
  extends CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalBaseOpts {
  address: string

export interface CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalTagOpts
  extends CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalBaseOpts {
  pbntag: string

export type CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalOpts =
  | CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalMerchantOpts
  | CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalTagOpts;

await client.createWithdrawal(options: CoinpaymentsCreateWithdrawalOpts)

Example Response from server:

  "id": "98a5ff631da2089985594789dc9fb85648596599816ac8ce1ce00fd082798967",
  "amount": "1.00000000",

1) Auto-Sweep

The Auto-Sweep feature allows you to automatically withdraw and/or convert your entire balance of a specific coin every night (at approx. midnight EST, GMT-0500). Once enabled, this feature will allow you to automatically take your entire balance (when above a certain minimum amount set by you) and convert it to another coin (if the conversion pair is supported) and/or send off the CoinPayments platform to any address you specify. This feature needs to be setup for each coin individually. Conversion is supported for any coin listed on ShapeShift, Changelly or Kyber. **Please note the conversion feature requires you to generate a new wallet address for the coin you want to convert into (done throught the wallets page).

To setup Auto-Sweep:

  1. Login to your CoinPayments account.
  2. Go to the Your Wallet tab on the dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to find the wallet of the coin for which you want to setup Auto-Sweep.
  4. Click the Options button dropdown menu on the right, then click Auto-Sweep. Screenshot: Auto-Sweep Menu
  5. Click the check box at the top to Enable Auto-Sweep. Screenshot: Auto-Sweep Settings
  6. Select if you want the coin to be automatically converted before withdrawing.
  7. Enter the wallet address you want to withdraw to (if converting you can leave blank to send back to the CoinPayments wallet of the converted coin).
  8. Enter the minimum amount/balance of coin to trigger the Auto-Sweep feature (must be higher than the Minimum Auto-Sweep Amount).
  9. Click the Update Settings button to save your changes.

Get Withdrawal Info

Query the server for Withdraw ID status.

interface CoinpaymentsGetWithdrawalInfoOpts {
  id: string
await client.getWithdrawalInfo(options: CoinpaymentsGetWithdrawalInfoOpts)

id — Withdrawal id.

Example Response from server

  "time_created": 1424436465,
  "status": 2,
  "status_text": "Complete",
  "coin": "POT",
  "amount": 10000000000,
  "amountf": "100.00000000",
  "send_address": "PVtAyX2HgVmYk8BCw9NGvtaDNdkX2phrVA",
  "send_txid": "b601e7839c4c237f0fac36e93f98d648cfec402b8f8dbce617c675dac247599e"

Регистрация в Coinpayments

Регистрируемся на официальном сайте кошелька — Coinpayments.

Регистрация с главной страницы сайта КоинПайментс

Создаем новый аккаунт в Coinpayments; логин, почта, пароль и временная зона.

Стандартная регистрация. Почта, логин и пароль.
Активация учетки

Должно придти такое письмо на почту.

Теперь мы можем войти в систему.

Активация успешна, выполняем вход

Переходим на страницу входа.

Вход после активации

Далее снова придет письмо на почту с 2FA-кодом аутентификатором. Так будет каждый раз при входе в кошелек.

2FA код для активации входа

Проходим двухфакторную аутентификацию.

Вводим код
Создаем кошелек для хранения фиатной валюты

Вы можете выбрать кошельки или создать единый $tag $PayByName. Выбираем «кошелек», к единому кошельку мы всегда можем вернуться.

Выбор Coinpayments — единый или разные кошельки

Кстати $tag $PayByName платна функция, но стоит недорого и очень удобна.

$tag $PayByName

Вот мы и зашли наконец в кошелек и как видим перед нами много криптовалют на выбор.

Мой кошелек

Так как я создаю кошелек для Ripple XRP, то перехожу в «XRP опции» напротив Риппла.

Выбираем — создать депозит XRP

Добавляем депозитный адрес Ripple.

Создаем депозитный адрес XRP

Я выбираю персональный с Destination tag.

Персональный адрес Риппл в Coinpayments

Адресов можно добавить несколько. Запишите ваш адрес и тег назначения. Теперь у вас есть Риппл адрес в кошельке Coinpayments.

Создан адрес Риппл и тег назначения

Все, мы создали депозит XRP и теперь можем послать сюда средства на хранение с бирж или другого кошелька, ну или кто-нибудь нам переведет на адрес данного депозита средства. Давайте протестируем кошелек и переведем сюда XRP с кошелька Rippex.

Выводы: плюсы и минусы Coinpayments

Подводя итоги, скажем, что плюсами являются следующие возможности:

Перечислим минусы, которых всего три:

В целом приложение работает исправно и радует многих своих пользователей.

Создать кошелек